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id_aleksandre's Journal

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1 June
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a beautiful mind, a-ha, above and beyond, adam f, air, alexander the great, american history x, aphrodite, artful dodger, audi, bent, blair's witch, bmw, breakbeat era, bt, chad will, chemical brothers, chicane, chief mc, chris micali, clifford gilberto, coldcut, concord dawn, craig armstrong, daft punk, danny howells, dave dresden, dave seaman, de phazz, de vision, deep dish, desyn masiello, dieselboy, dirty vegas, dj helga, dom&roland, duncan bankhead, dusted, faithless, fight club, forrest gump, frou frou, future loop foundation, future prophecies, future sound of london, gabriel and dresden, gangs of new york, gladiator, godfather, groove armada, harry ''choo choo'' romero, hector romero, hernan cattaneo, hybrid, iris, jack johnson, james holden, james zabiela, john b, jono fernandez, junkie xl, kosheen, krafty kuts, lamb, last king of scotland, le dobermann, logistics, lolita, ltj bukem, massive attack, matthew dekay, maxim, moby, mochic, moonbootica, morcheeba, mountain bike, music, my blueberry nights, naomi, newschool skiing, nick warren, nu steppaz, one giant leap, paul oakenfold, planetfunk, r.e.m., requiem for a dream, road to perdition, royksopp, seb fontaine, sebastien tellier, seven years in tibet, sister bliss, skinny, skool of thought, stakka bo, stephane pompougnac, stereolab, sungwa, telepopmusic, the crystal method, the fountain, the green mile, the kirby, the last samurai, the patriot, the shawshank redemption, the talented mr. ripley, timo maas, travian, travis, troy, unkle, vanilla sky, velours perfect, verve, way out west, weekend players, when we were soldiers, zero 7

Social capital

  • less than 10